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Forever Morgans Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 rescue organization that strives to help Morgan horses in immediate need and places them in adoptive or foster homes. Horses come from broker lots, auctions, neglect and abuse situations, and owner surrender. We always need foster and adoptive homes, donations, and volunteers. Please join us!

All donations to Forever Morgans are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Each horse is adopted with a contract to ensure they do not end up at auction again. Many of these rescued Morgans have gone on to be show horses, family riding and driving horses and for therapeutic handicap riding.

Please consider fostering or adopting. The horses are not truly safe until they are home!

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LARUE'S ON TIME # 188720

2014 Registered Black Gelding Height : 14.3hh
Fostered in PA
Rescued March 2016
Adoption Fee: Special Needs Horse

From the foster home : Larue has had 3 busy months since he arrived at our barn. Most important is his opinion, was making friends with the other horses and getting used to being on full turn out. He did the usual running and bucking, but he showed good judgment and good manners with the other horses. It was a smooth transition for everyone. Larue was very deconditioned and also had an unusual looking left shoulder/front leg. His left foreleg was weak and it caused an obvious irregularity in his gait. His defect was never painful but all of the turnout must have been exhausting for him, he took a lot of naps. But, the sunshine and exercise have made him a much stronger and happier horse.

Larue is smart, likes attention and tries to please you. He learns quickly. He leads very well, ties, cross ties, is excellent for grooming and bathing, He also loads and trailers very easily and knows how to lunge.

We also made a trip to the vet clinic to get his shoulder evaluated. It appears that the abnormality was a result of a grain based diet and a calcium-phosphorous imbalance. The abnormality in his shoulder affects the strength of the bone as well as the range of motion and flight path of his left front leg. The rhythm of his gait is irregular at the walk but he looks fine at the trot and canter. The vet feels that he will not be sound for riding due to the condition of his shoulder. He is now being offered as a special needs horse.

That being said, Larue is a very beautiful, intelligent young horse. He is a pleasure groom, he loves to do groundwork and I am sure he would easily learn to do some tricks, too. He has a lot to offer in terms of companionship and friendship. He is a great stress reliever who always puts a smile on your face.


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